7 Creepiest Things Found UNDERWATER!

7 Creepiest Things Found UNDERWATER!

We’re surrounded by all kind of lakes, rivers, seas and oceans that we love to enjoy during our holidays. We swim and dive as much as we can, unaware of what’s under our feet. So, to help you think about it, here are 7 amazing things you never guessed where underwater.

1) Firearms
Aquachigger is a youtuber who spends his time looking for funny things underwater. What he didn’t know was that he was going to find several firearms. This is disturbing cause they might have belonged to a criminal, so they might have an unpleasant history behind them.

2) Statues
Imagine you are happily scuba-diving when you suddenly find a huge statue in the middle of nowhere. This could be shocking, especially if it’s the Christ of the Abyss in Italy, or the Ocean Atlas in the Bahamas. But it would be even more shocking if you found 500 hundred stone statues in the middle of the ocean like these, in the coast of Mexico.

3) Fleet of Ships
Chuuk Lagoon was used as a Japanese military base during 1944, specifically for its navy. In 1944, there was an attack from the USA, destroying lots of ships that sank into the depths of the ocean and lay there still, today. If you do some scuba-diving you’ll see a whole fleet that will blow your mind.

4) Remains
In 2017, the youtuber DALLMYD found what he thought it was a simple black box full of cement. However… it was nothing like that, he had actually found cremated human remains that made him shout like there was no tomorrow.

5) The Titanic
The Titanic was thought to be unsinkable. However on its maiden voyage in 1912, it hit an iceberg and sank to the bottom of the ocean. In 1985 the remains were found with the help of exploration robots. And although it’s ever more deteriorated, it’s still the wonder of the oceans.

6) Mars Warship
There’s an incredible sunken ship built in Sweden in 1563, waiting for you to explore. It was a huge ship with 107 guns, and a capacity of 800 people; the biggest in the world at that time. Unfortunately it was set on fire and sank. But now it has been found, you will be surprised at all of its secrets.

7) Skeletons
A bunch of scuba diver instructors have created this joint project of filling the depths of the oceans with skeletons placed at many different depths to encourage their students. They achieved their purpose however also attracted the attention of the police and the rest of the world.

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