7 Crazy Internet Challenges Accepted by Celebrities

You might be up to date with all of the outrageous internet challenges out there… But today we’re going to see times when famous celebrities found themselves taking a walk on the wild-side of the internet…

1. Mannequin Challenge
Started by students at a high school in Jacksonville, Florida, the mannequin challenge requires participants to pose like statues as the camera pans around them, usually to the tune of “Black Beatles”. Celebrities from Cristiano Ronaldo, to Bill Gates have taken part in the challenge.

2. Cinnamon Challenge
This challenge started off being silly enough and was quickly imitated by many celebrities… Until it became clear the challenge could have deadly consequences. Cinnamon is basically ground-up tree bark and takes a long time to break down. It quickly sticks to the moisture lining the mouth and throat, causing the participant to cough, which sends cinnamon particles everywhere, and can be easily inhaled and cause asphyxia. It is not something you should try at home.

3. Ice Bucket Challenge
The Ice Bucket Challenge became a viral sensation on social media back in 2014, which involved dumping a bucket of ice water over a person’s head to promote awareness of ALS, or; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The participant would then donate money to the ALS Association and nominate two others to do the same. Whilst raising $220 million dollars, it was heavily criticised for being a waste of water in times of drought. In fact meteorologist Jason Samenow estimated that 5,000,000 gallons of water had been used for the challenge. In view of this, actors like Matt Daemon decided to be more… ecological…

4. Bottle Cap Challenge
The recent bottle cap challenge started when taekwondo instructor Farabi Davletchin challenged MMA fighter Max Holloway to unscrew the cap of a bottle using only a round-house kick. Max then challenged John Mayer, who in turn challenged Jason Statham and it skyrocketed from there across Twitter and Instagram. From Kendall Jenner on a jet ski, to Donnie Yen’s blindfolded jump kick.

5. Dolly’s Internet
Earlier this year, country musician Dolly Parton posted a picture of herself on Twitter, demonstrating how she is seen on multiple social platforms. This quickly turned into a meme amongst fellow celebrities, relating to the complications of multi-social dynamics. Participants included Oprah, Gordon Ramsay and even the Met Museum.

6. In My Feelings
This craze was started by influencer Shiggy, when he filmed himself dancing to the Drake song “In my feelings”. It was quickly imitated and the moving car element became part of the meme. It has been danced by many stars including Will Smith, and has been performed on airplanes and even on motorbikes.

7. The Harlem Shake
The super famous dance phenomenon was started unknowingly by YouTuber Filthy Frank who used Baauer’s Harlem Shake’s bass drop to go wild. This was mimicked by youtubers and celebrities, from T-Pain to The News, everyone wanted in on Baauer’s bass drop.
Harlem’s Al B supposedly invented the actual dance move in the 80’s but explains he in turn copied it from Ancient Egypt. Supposedly the dance of mummified Pharaohs… So…

Have you ever participated in any of these crazy challenges?
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