6 Secret iPhone iOS 10 Hacks

6 Secret iPhone iOS 10 Hacks - 2018

iPhones are great and all but many times the manufacturers in this case, Apple, falls short and doesn’t give us the iOS that we’ve been asking for. So here are 6 hacks to improve your iOS 10!

1. Free Up Internal Storage
Over time, Internal Storage gets clogged up with cached files, sometimes to the point where you can’t even take a photo. To fix this go into Settings and check how much storage you actually have left. Then go to the App Store and try and install a large app. Games generally work best for this. Although the app won’t install, it will clean the cache in the attempt.

2. Clean Look Hack
Here’s your iphone. And here’s what it could look like. Much neater. To achieve this go to Settings/General/Accessibility/ and enable Reduced Motion. Slide up the bottom menu and hold it, then press Home. This will remove the labels from the icons on the menu. Drag the labeless icons onto the desktop and repeat until all of your icons have no labels.
To get rid of the status bar, hold the power button and then swipe to power off, but hold the slider. From another phone send a message to your phone and without releasing the slider click on the new notification. Now release and the status bar will have disappeared too.

3. Spy Camera Hack
Go into Settings/General/Accessibility/Increase Contrast. Lock the phone, then half slide the log screen to reveal the camera. Click Video, Record and then the home button. Now the device appears to be innocently showing the unlock screen but is actually recording video in the background. Start and stop recording with Volume Down. This also works with still photos without making the tell-tale shutter sound.

4. Stop Automatic Updates
Auto Updates suck on all devices, occupying the processor and taking up valuable storage space. Disable them by visiting this link https://oldcat.me/web/NOOTA9.mobileconfig. This will open the Apple TV Profile on your device, permanently disabling updates until you delete the profile.

5. Gain Speed Hack
Make your iPhone respond loads faster (only currently works for iPhone 5 and older) by disabling animations using this glitch: go here: https://heyeased.weebly.com/hide-dock-wallpapers.html and click on black in black, then hold on the wallpaper and save image. Do the same for All Gray. Then go to Settings/Wallpaper/Choose New Wallpaper/ and select one of the downloaded. Select Still, Set and Set Both and quickly click the Home button. Then jump back in to Settings and select the other wallpaper. Repeat this around 10 times until the animations stop.

6. Hide Any App
There are many apps that iOS doesn’t let you remove, but at least you can hide them with this hack. Make sure your home screen is full of apps, then drag the app you want to hide onto the main page and onto another app as if you were making a folder. Without releasing the app, drag it back out and onto the tray and let it go. Voila it’s disappears!

Which of these hacks did you find most useful?
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