6 Craziest NEW Gadgets You Can Buy Online! | 2018

6 Craziest NEW Gadgets You Can Buy Online! | 2018

We all depend on gadgets in our day to day lives, some are fundamental and others… Well just weird. Here are 6 of the craziest!

1. Threadrobe
Don’t you just hate drying, folding and storing your clothes? Well now threadrobe will do this for you. Just toss your freshly washed garments into the dryer and the built in robotic arms will do the rest! Folding, storing and even categorizing your clothes. When you want to wear something, simply select it in the app, and Threadrobe will deliver!

2. Breaze
For areas were vehicle fumes contaminate your air on a daily basis, or whether you commute in areas of mass transit, Breaze protects you from viruses and pollution giving you nothing but fresh air. Unlike other face masks, Breaze has a facial window so the user’s expression is never lost.

3. Walkcar
Unlike other remote controlled skateboards or Segways, Walkcar fits in your rucksack or locker and is controlled by the rider’s posture. It also comes with built in lights, and a Bluetooth speaker to listen to music while you wait to be transported to your destination.

4. Polarmond
When camping a bad night’s sleep can ruin the whole trip. Getting cold, turning over, pillow sliding about… It can all be uncomfortable. That’s why Polarmond is like a tent within a tent, allowing you to sleep as if you were in a bed, whilst still being inside a sleeping bag.

5. Snow-C
Forget having to remember to pack your PowerBank, the Snow-C coat has one built in to the pocket! By simply popping your phone into your coat pocket it charges it wirelessly with its built in 3000 milliamp battery.

6. Bodyguard
This futuristic looking gauntlet packs a punch. Not just for survivalists, with built in accessories like a taser, laser guided camera, and gps functionality it has attracted even the attention of law enforcement officers and was even funded by the original Bodyguard, Kevin Costner!

Which of these strange inventions surprised you the most?
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