5 CREEPIEST Things Found UNDERWATER! – Part 2

Only around 3% of our oceans have been explored, this is mainly because, its lack of light and air and the extreme pressures at depth make it a hostile environment for humans. However, as modern technology advances, new areas can be explored and new discoveries made! Here are the
5 CREEPIEST Things Found UNDERWATER! -Part 2

1. Loki’s Castle
This was discovered in the Atlantic ocean between Greenland and Norway, It’s not really a castle but it resembles one. Sitting on a mound of sulphide minerals 825ft in diameter are 5 chimneys that vent out hot water at up to 570 degrees Fahrenheit.
What’s perhaps even more surprising is that this aggressive environment is bristling with life with many previously undiscovered microorganisms that are unique to the area.

2. Atlantis?
Just off the coast of the island “Terceira” in the Azores, a Portuguese sailor picked up a strange object on his Sonar, Perfectly square, and perfectly aligned with the cardinal points it looked man-made. Later investigation has uncovered that it is in fact a man-made pyramid and is 60 meters high and its base covers an area of 8000 square meters. This area of land has thought to had been covered by the sea during the last ice age 20,000 years ago. Other discoveries on nearby islands have proved that the area had been inhabited before the Portuguese arrived so could this be the long lost Atlantis?

3. Saltwater river
In the Yucatan peninsula Mexico, an underwater river has been discovered, in this limestone area, sinkholes are common, these sinkholes fill with rainwater and act as natural reservoirs that flow to the sea through underground caves. Plant matter and vegetation fall into these sinkholes too and rot down producing hydrogen sulphide which sinks to the bottom and forms a barrier between the freshwater at the top and the saltwater river below. From above its just a pool but dive through the 3-meter toxic cloud at the bottom and a mystical river lies below complete with vegetation and even waterfalls!

4. Sea stalactite
These freaking things have been discovered in the arctic and antarctic. Below zero temperatures freeze the water in the sea but not the salt, this creates an extra salty substance called brine which continues to cool inside the ice without freezing. If the ice cracks this super-cooled liquid leaks out and as it’s heavier than water it sinks. because it’s so cold it creates a hollow tunnel of frozen water around itself. These “Brinicles” are very fragile but should they reach the ocean floor they freeze anything that comes close to them.

5. The Baltic Sea anomaly
This has become quite a controversial discovery by “ocean x” a team of marine treasure hunters. They picked it up on their sonar in the Baltic sea. 100 meters below the surface an approximately 70 meters in diameter its oddly circular shape and possible stair-like structure have led to claims that it’s alien or was built by a lost civilisation. Samples collected by ocean x were allegedly found to contain limonite and goethite, minerals not usually found in this area, the team also claimed that whilst above the object all their electrical equipment failed but 200 meters away and it all worked again. Other scientists claim that the object made naturally and is simply a glacial deposit.

What do you think? Natural or alien?
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