100% REAL Photos That Can’t Be Explained! – Unsolved Mysteries

100% REAL Photos That Can't Be Explained! - Unsolved Mysteries

Nowadays photos are digital and as easy as it is to take them, it is to lose them all. But in the olden days, when you had to wait to reveal photos, sometimes you’d find things That Just Can’t Be Explained.

1) Souvenir from the Future
In 2008, archaeologists found a tiny ring watch inside a Chinese tomb that had been sealed for the last 400 years. The time marked 10:06 and had the word “Swiss” written on the back. If you don’t believe in time travel, another theory is that is was dropped by a rodent…

2) The Lady
Well, everything seems normal in this picture, right? But what if we tell you that this lady was alone when they took it. What’s more, on seeing the photo she broke down into tears, claiming that the man behind her was her husband… Who died 13 years before the picture was ever taken.

3) The Ghost
In 1959, Mabel Chinnery was visiting the grave of her mother, taking photos here and there. To finish off the reel, she took this photo of her husband sat in their car. However, when she revealed it she was shocked to see a figure that looked exactly like Ellen, her mother in the back seat! They had the picture tested and there were no signs of photo manipulation.

4) The Cadborosaurus
This is a legendary sea serpent that roams the Pacific Coast of North America. However, in 1907, 9 fishermen claimed to have captured one. And, until this date no zoologist has been able to say what kind of animal it is, so… maybe it really was the infamous “Caddy”.

5) Freddy Jackson
In 1919, this squadron took a picture of themselves to commemorate the moment. However, Freddy Jackson is also in this picture, strange, due to the fact that he had died some days earlier. Maybe now it doesn’t seem so normal.

6) Time travel
During the reopening of the South Fork Bridge in the 1940s, this picture was taken where we can see a man who clearly doesn’t belong there, with sunglasses, hoody and a printed t-shirt holding what looks to be a DSLR. Stranger still is this footage at a Charlie Chaplin film opening in 1928, where a woman was spotted talking on a mobile phone, 50 years before they were even invented. And we see the same again in this clip from 1938.

7) The boy
In one of the scenes of 3 Men and a Baby, the figure of a boy can be clearly seen behind some curtains, only discovered after the movie’s release. Many believe it to be the ghost of a boy who committed suicide in that house.

8) The Pteranodon
In 1864, some soldiers took a picture in Pittsburgh with a creature they had shot down. Unbelievably, it seems to be a Pteranodon, a supposedly extinct dinosaur from the cretaceous period. These pictures looks so real they still remain a mystery…

9) The Cooper family
This is just… well… too creepy. The Cooper family had just moved into a beautiful house, when this picture was taken. After revealing it they were terrified to find a female figure hanging upside down, behind them. They could only guess she was the former owner.

10) The Spaceman
1964, Cumbria, a man named Templeton took a picture of his daughter, with no one else around a few miles from a military facility. However, on developing the reel the figure of a spaceman was clearly stood behind her. He had the integrity of the negative verified by Kodak. Some time later, two men dressed in black who named themselves No.9 and No.11 found Templeton and started asking questions.

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