10 WEIRDEST PRODUCTS You Can Buy in Japan!

Ever heard the saying “Only in Japan”? Well you’re about to find out why as we delve into some of the weirdest things you can buy in Japan!

1. Dictionary Pillow
In Japan sleeping at work is not only accepted, but is encouraged! They see it as a sign of hard work. No wonder then that a common must-have office item is Dictionary Desk Pillow! Store it with your books, whip it out when you need to do some… hard work?

2. A Man To Wipe Away Your Tears
When you’re single, you often need a shoulder to cry on but have no-one around. And this can make you even more sad. Never fear, in Japan you can rent a man to wipe away your tears. Literally. Choose from 9 ‘styles’ of man and have him comfort you at work or at home for just $60 dollars.

3. Sushi Socks
Trust the Japanese to turn something as boring as socks into something kawaii. Spruce up your sock-drawer with this adorable selection of sushi. Choose from Tako (Octopus), Nigiri (shrimp), Tamago (egg), or Surimi (crab) but beware… Unless you become an origami master, your sock drawer will revert to its usual chaos after the first use!

4. Cooling Spray
It can get hot in Japan, especially crammed into a high-rise block of micro apartments, so just put on the AC, right? Ah but the citizens of Japan have become very energy conscious recently and a market has popped up for cooling foam sprays! Just spray it over your body and feel it cool down to 15ºF! (9ºC)

5. Toilet Sound Blocker
We’ve all been there, at that friend’s house with the toilet right next to the living room… After having eaten so much bean stew, you’re terrified of your friends hearing one of your unsavoury bowel movements, but fear not! Hello Kitty has got you. Making up to 27 seconds of running water sounds, now no-one will hear you s#1t.

6. Banana Keeper
Don’t bananas already have a rather tough exterior? Apparently not tough enough, which is why Banana Keeper offers a perfect plastic exo-skeleton for your squishy bananas!

7. Weird Scented Oils
The Japanese novelty company Tamatoys is taking the p#ss, literally. You can buy Schoolgirl Urine Scent and Schoolgirl Armpit Scent in bottles for $19 each. Apparently most Japanese citizens are equally as disgusted as you might be right now, but these strange novelty gifts are selling. To someone…

8. Live Rhino Beetles
After seeing food markets in Asia, it’s not surprising to think that some people enjoy fried rhino beetle. Sure. But these are LIVE rhino beetles, vending machines full of them! If it’s not a quick snack, why on earth would someone want a live rhino beetle on the go? Apparently the answer lies in the children of Japan. In a metropolis such as Tokyo it is very rare to stumble across a wild insect. So now parents can happily purchase them on any corner so their children can learn about nature.

9. Emoji Stamp
Are you tired of the way emojis are only possible in text talk? Ever want to emoji someone in real life? Well now you can with this Kaomoji Stamp! Choose from a combination of two thousand emojis to express your emojinal feelings outside of your phone!

10. Canned Bread
The greatest thing since sliced bread, is now canned bread. You can have your shelves stocked with cans and unlike traditional loaves canned bread can last for around 5 years! Of course, being Japan, it also comes in strawberry flavor, chocolate, green tea and milk flavor…

Which one of these Japanese products did you think was the weirdest?
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