10 Ways Men Are Dressing Wrong!

10 Ways Men Are Dressing Wrong!

There comes a time in every man’s life when he needs to accept his age, grow up and stop dressing like a kid. But even some of the men who try to look mature aren’t quite getting it right, as you’ll see with these 10 ways men are dressing wrong!

1. Don’t push your sleeves up.
If you push your shirt sleeves up you’ll look like a campaigning politician. If you must push them up, add an extra roll making them look so much neater.

2. Wear Jeans That Fit
Don’t wear jeans that are too big or too small. As a general rule, if you can fit two fingers comfortably between the hip and the waistband, you’ve got a pair of jeans that fit.

3. Don’t wear long shorts
Leave baggy long shorts to surfers, and thigh-high swim shorts to David Hasselhoff. Choose a pair that stops around the knee.

4. Never wear white socks
Unless of course you’re playing tennis or something similar, white sports socks should never be worn. Try wearing some socks that actually compliment your outfit.

5. Don’t wear the same shoes every day
Your wardrobe should include at least one pair of these five shoes: Casual shoes, sneakers, black dress shoes, brown dress shoes, and boots. Having these five styles will complete the widest array of outfits.

6. Match your belt and your shoes
If you’re wearing a brown belt, then it would be a great time to wear your brown shoes. They don’t have to match exactly. Different shades of the same color generally work well together.

7. Don’t untuck formal shirts.
Many men pull up their shirt slightly after tucking themselves in perhaps to feel more comfortable. This forms a very unflattering muffin effect. The pro method is to pinch and fold back the sides of your shirt and then tuck your shirt in. No more muffins.

8. Wear a blazer that fits!
If the jacket is too large, there will be a divot under the shoulder and the fabric rumples.
If it’s too small, your range of motion will be restricted and the seam will be hiked up the shoulder. Either way you look wrong. The shoulder seam should end at your shoulder. Also, never fasten the bottom button.

9. NEVER wear a deep v-neck.
Don’t buy in to the latest dying trend. The bottom of your V-neck should be no lower than two to three inches below your collarbone.

10. Don’t limit yourself.
Remember our guidelines and experiment with new styles, don’t be afraid of color, and wear what makes you confident.

Which of these guidelines have you been breaking?
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