10 USELESS Things That Billionaires Waste Their Money On!

10 USELESS Things That Billionaires Waste Their Money On!

What would you spend your money on if you were a billionaire? If you already had everything you could ever possibly want? Difficult question, right? Let’s see a list of weird things real billionaires spent their fortunes on.

1) Your name from space
Would you like to write your name in the sand? easy. What if you could see it from space? This is what Hamad bin Hamdan did when he bought the island of Al Futaisi, near Abu Dhabi and then hired a load of machines to write his name so that every alien can see it from its home.

2) Da Vinci’s journal
Bill Gates couldn’t resist buying Leonardo da Vinci’s most private item, his personal journal called “Codex Leicester” that talks about the relationship between the sun, moon and earth, and also his thoughts about water. It took $30,8 million but it was totally worth it.

3) The billion dollar home
This is a 27th floor skyscraper in Mumbai for a family of 6 which has its own theatre, 6 floors of car park, 9 elevators, a swimming pool, gym, spa, and a maintenance floor. It needs 600 people to run everyday.

4) Golden iPhone
In 2016, Stuart Hughes designed this iPhone for anyone with $15,3 million spending money. Made in gold, covered with gems and 600 white diamonds plus 53 more in the iPhone 5 apple. I’m saving up for the iPhone 6…

5) Elvis hair
We already know that fans will do anything for their idols. But spending $115,000 in an auction for a lock of Elvis hair… really? Well, it’s for sure the most precious treasure in Graceland.

6) The most expensive phone bill
Jocelyn Wildenstein or “the catwoman”, is known for being an addict to surgery. However, it seems that she has also an issue with telephones, spending $60,000 on her phone bill just chatting, internationally, of course, but… $60,000!?!?!

7) The most expensive Car Collection
With 500 Rolls-Royce cars and a $15,000,000 customised wedding car made in 24k gold. The Sultan of Brunei owns one of the most expensive car collections in the world.

8) The dead shark
Steve Cohen bought Damian Hirst’s Pickled Shark for $12,000,000. The shark is kept in formaldehyde and its the main attraction of his collection although it is said to now be deteriorating…

9) The most expensive haircut
The sultan of Brunei usually goes everywhere with his barber. However, on one occasion he didn’t, and it cost him dearly. He sent a luxury private plane to go fetch his barber from London. So his regular $40 haircut cost him more than $24,000.

10) Luxury ice
If you’re a billionaire you might have often thought that regular ice cubes are just not decadent enough. Well luckily for you Gláce sells luxury individually handmade ice cubes that offer minimum dilution and maximum cooling for only $325 for a bag of 50. Just for the perfect party!

If you were a Billionaire what would you buy?
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