10 UNETHICAL Life Hacks You Should NOT DO!

It takes a special kind of mind to take advantage of every situation, and even more so when coming so close to crossing the line. Here are 10 UNETHICAL Life Hacks You Would Never Think Of!
Disclaimer: The following articles were written by unethical hacktivists who’s complete disregard for moral etiquette may disturb the faint of heart.

1. Family issues
If you want a day off don’t call in sick. Say you have family issues,
that way you don’t have to explain anything later.

2. Neighbor watch
Have you got lots of noisy, annoying kids playing in your neighborhood?
Put up posters warning of a predator in the area!

3. Cheap parking
Can’t find anywhere to park in the city?
Look for a mechanics workshop with a cheap tire rotation service and ask to pick it up later!

4. New parent
Buy a baby on board sign even if you don’t have a baby.
In the event of an accident, you’ll be saved first!

5. Flat tire
If you ever get a flat tire take a photo of it, this way you’ll have an excuse to get out of any event you don’t want to go to.

6. Funny money
Don’t trash those fake dollar bills with Bible verses on them.
Save them for the collection plate at your church!

7. False lies
Make up a “tell” for when you’re lying, only use it on lies that don’t matter.
Now no one will know when you’re really lying!

8. Dead battery
When you get a call from someone you don’t like, start by saying your battery is low. Now you can end the call whenever you want!

9. Cinema
Does someone tall always sit in front of you at the cinema?
Pour some of your drink on the seat in front of you and no one will sit there!

10.Broken appliance
If you have a broken appliance, go to a shop and buy the exact same appliance. Take out the new appliance and put the broken one in the box. Now go get your refund!

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