10 Unbelievable Gold Diggers! | Married For Money $$$

10 Unbelievable Gold Diggers! | Married For Money $$$

We spend our lives working just to make sure we’ll have a bright future, when everything could be much easier. Here’re 10 Gold Diggers who will make you want a different life.

1) Anna Nicole Smith
This stripper was fooled by the old billionaire James Howard Marshall. She married him and got to live a billionaire life, until he died and left her nothing at all. She went through a legal process to get his fortune but she died from an overdose before ever knowing the results.

2) Gabriel Aubry
He got married to Halle Berry and they had a child. Then they split up and initiated a battle for her full custody. He asked $20,000 p/month from which he got $16,000 and a retroactive payment of 15,000$. What a nasty way of getting money…

3) Oksana Grigorieva
This Russian song writer was dating Mel Gibson, then they had a child and split up. Then, she showed a recording of the actor arguing with her to get money. And he offered a settlement that she rejected looking for more money which she never got.

4) Darva Conger
This nurse participated in the show “who wants to marry a multi-millionaire?” and married Rick Rockwell, getting also a 3-carat diamond ring and more than $100,000 in prizes. After the honeymoon, she went for the annulment,and got some money posing for playboy and in TV shows. However… nowadays she sticks to being a nurse.

5) Vivian Stiviano
She chose the former owner of the clippers as her prey when she was 31 and he was 80. Then, they broke up and things became ugly. She accused him of racist comments getting him banned from NBA games. She got several expensive cars and a $1.8 million duplex however he sued her and she had to pay him $2.2 million. Not very well played.

6) Crystal Harris
She was another one of Hugh Hefner’s wives (she was 27, he was 86), although she ran from the altar in 2011, however they reconciled in 2012 and married after an ironclad prenup in which she would receive nothing. After his passing, the family discovered that Hefner had secretly added a section in his will, leaving Crystal millions. This one knew the game well…

7) Heather Mills
This model was so clever she conquered Sir Paul Mccartney’s heart only 6 months after his wife died. They were married for 6 years and then, divorced. She asked for $125 million from which she got 17, and a whole lot of bad press.

8) Lucky guy
This guy won $181 million in the lottery, and guess what, just 2 days later… a gorgeous woman fell in love with him. Isn’t Love wonderful?

9) Alfonso Díez
He got married to the Duchess of Alba, who owns one of the biggest fortunes in Europe. It was a scandal, and everybody thought he was a gold digger, even her children. So, to avoid bad blood, she left them all of her inheritance to prove to them that he loved her. And.. it turns out, he did!

10) Elisabetta Gregoraci
This model got married to the formula one manager Flavio Briatore. They also have a child together. And they’re still together, so she is kind of a long term gold digger.

If you were rich would you say no to a good digger?
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