10 Things YOU CAN’T DO With Your Body!

The human body can run, jump, climb, swim, spin, flip, and roll but there are some things that are impossible for people to do. Here are 10 Things YOU CAN’T DO With Your Body!

1. Licking your elbow
This is impossible unless you have a very long tongue or short upper arms, even though there are tutorials of how to do it out there very few people can. Didn’t stop you trying though, did it?

2. Sneezing with your eyes open.
Closing your eyes is a reflex response to sneezing, many doctors believe it’s because the body senses an irritant in the nasal cavity and attempts to protect your eyes from further irritants.

3. Swallowing Three Times in a Row
You just can’t..

4. Wiggle ears
Only around 1 in ten people can wiggle their ears, this is because unlike other facial muscles the ear muscles actually have their own control area in the brainstem. In order to wiggle your ears you have to, be able to, or learn to, access this area.

5. Twitching nose
Very few people can do this but it is possible to learn. It involves finding which muscles control the movement and then practising to dominate that movement. Once achieved all your wishes will come true.

6. Gleeking
Gleeking is the ability to project saliva from the submandibular gland by compressing it with the tongue. While most people have done this by accident very few can do it on demand.

7. Tongue tricks
Around 70 percent of people can roll their tongue but the ability to do other tricks is a lot less common.the 360-degree turn, the one, two, three, and four-leaf clover or the wave are a few of these.

8. Self Tickling
A lot of people are ticklish, but no matter how ticklish you are you can’t tickle yourself. This is because your brain can predict what will be felt before its felt. When someone else tickles you the brain has no idea what is about to happen and this surprising stimulus intensifies the feeling.

9. Touch your nose with your tongue
Gorlin sign is the ability to touch the tip of your nose with your tongue. People who can do this either have a long tongue, or a long nose, a short upper lip, or suffer from the inherited connective tissue disorder Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

10. Flexibility
While some of us have trouble just getting out of bed, others can raise their legs to their heads or even dislocate joints at will. Extreme flexibility or contortionism is a rare ability that requires years of training to master.

Can you do anything weird with your body?

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