10 Stupid TECH Inventions WE DON’T NEED!

In this day and age of technology and connectivity, where every invention is deemed “Smart”, here are some STUPID TECH Inventions WE DON’T NEED!

1. Smart Belt
A belt that auto-adjusts when we sit down, has sensors to control how much you move and lets you know when you’ve eaten too much, because I never know when I’ve eaten too much!

2. Smart Bottle
A wine bottle with a touch screen and wifi lets you know how many glasses are left, gives you information about the wine and tells you what temperature is the best for serving it. Sooooo totally different from a normal bottle then!

3. Smart Washing Machine
This washing machine is wifi enabled and uses amazon dash to order detergent when it’s running low, brilliant! Because the most annoying thing about doing the laundry is having to buy detergent!

4. Smart Toilet
This toilet is wifi enabled and can be used with ok google, Alexa, and Siri. “Ok google open toilet!” “Alexa flush toilet!” “Hey, Siri! Did you see the size of that?”

5. Smart Egg Holder
By using wifi and an app on your smartphone this egg holder tells you when your eggs are going to go out of date! So you don’t have to go through the horrific stress of reading the side of the egg!

6. Baby Pod
Yep, its an iPod for an unborn baby. The speaker is inserted into the expecting mothers “vajimble”. Need I say more?

7. Smart Showerhead
It’s a showerhead with a speaker, it also has Alexa so you can put music on in the shower too! Wow! How have we managed to live without this!

8. Bluetooth Tampon
This tampon connects to your phone through an app and lets you know important things like absorption status, previous menstruation data, and sends you notifications and alerts to your smartphone!

9. Smart Diaper
This is a sensor that tells parents when their baby’s diaper needs changing. Just in case the smell isn’t enough!

10. Smart Junk!
Smart pans, so you know when your food is burnt
Smart water bottle, tells you how much water is left
Smart pregnancy test, tells you when your pregnant (but on your phone!)
And possibly the stupidest of all…
The self-cleaning cat litter tray! Like your cat isn’t just going to do its thing on the carpet right next to it!

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