10 REAL Super Powers You Can LEARN Yourself!

10 REAL Super Powers You Can LEARN Yourself!

We’ve all dreamt of having superpowers, well today we’re going to show you real people who have developed their own powers that you too can learn! Warning: some of these you definitely shouldn’t try at home!

1. Unbreakable
When you lift something heavy this can cause micro fissures in your muscles, which become denser when the body repairs them. A similar effect has been found in the bones. So practising Martial Arts or other forms of contact sports can condition your bones for impact, actually making them stronger.

2. Ice Man
Wim Hof, known as The Iceman has a super human ability to withstand extreme cold. He has set Guinness world records for swimming under ice and prolonged full-body contact with ice and offers a course to teach you the Wim Hof Method, so you too can share his super power.

3. Iron Man
For roughly a quarter of a million dollars, you can have your own Iron Man style flying suit! Feel what it’s like to be Tony Stark using Gravity Industries’ suit with 5 built-in micro-jet engines.

4. Sonar
Echolocation is used by many blind people to reveal their surroundings by clicking their tongues and listening for the response. Daniel Kish is an American expert in human echolocation and learned this technique that dates back to the 1750’s.

5. Mega Memory
Negative and positive experiences can exert a strong influence on later memory. This is what lead G. Elliot Wimmer and Christian Buchel to test the participants’ memories by burning them. The volunteers were capable of remembering a long list of household items a year later, as if seared into their brains.

6. Night Vision
If you don’t like carrots, you’re in luck. There’s a much more efficient way of seeing in the dark and it was used by many pirates. These swashbucklers typically wore eye-patches, not because of the amount of sword fighting, if not to see in the dark. Whilst on deck in bright sunlight they would wear the patch on one eye, and quickly switch it over on entering the dark interior to be instantly able to see in the dark.

7. Super Brain
Roi Cohen Kadosh is a cognitive neuro-scientist who was researching Transcranial direct-current stimulation. In the study a small direct current was sent into the volunteers’ heads, gently shocking the brain. 6 months later he found that participants who had received the most current had an increased blood flow in the pre-frontal cortex and much quicker cognitive processing capabilities.

If you could have any super power which one would you choose?
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