10 Of The Most Protected People In The World

10 Of The Most Protected People In The World

The more people you know the more friends (and enemies) you’ll have. This is why very important people need very important protection.
Here are 10 Of The Most Protected People In The World.

1. Vladimir Putin
Yes, with his charismatic smile and happy go lucky attitude it’s hard to believe Vladimir needs protection but he actually has a presidential security service (the SBP) consisting of between 2 to 3 thousand non uniformed personnel.

2.Donald Trump
Yes, with his charismatic smile and happy go (record scratch) clear throat Famous for owning Miss Usa and Miss Universe beauty pageants, producing The Apprentice and starring in an episode of The Simpsons, Donald has his fair share of enemies but with a security detail who’s annual budget is approximately 2.2 billion dollars its safe to say he is well protected!

3. Kim Jong Un
Famous for being The Supreme Leader of North Korea, bff of Dennis Rodman and having hair to small for his face, Kim Jong Un was (according to Forbes magazine) the 46th most powerful person in the world in 2013 and therefore his security detail is also one of the most impressive, a 100,000 man team know as the “Guard Command” where only the best are picked as his personal bodyguards.

4. Kim Kardashian
Famous for being…………… ahem well, famous. Kim has a lot of followers on social media making her an easy target for criminals. In 2016 she was robbed in a private residence in Paris. The thieves made off with about $6,000,000 worth of jewellery, so its no surprise that she now has an extensive security team.

5. Beyonce and Jay Z
Beyonce, famous singer, songwriter and actress and Jay Z famous for having “put a ring on it!” are some of most well known people on the planet. they also have three children so 24/7 security is what they want. They are currently increasing security at their $88.000.000 mansion with extra living quarters for security and bulletproof windows.

6. Queen Elizabeth II
Although lacking in any real power queen Elizabeth is possibly the most well known queen in the world making her a prime target for ill wishers. Her security is arguably the most impressive as it consists of the British Police force and the British Army.

7. Justin Bieber
Justin is a MASSIVE……………celebrity. so his demands for his security in india were massive also, consisting of a 10 car convoy of luxury sedans, 2 volvo buses, a private Rolls Royce, z level security from the Maharashtra police in addition to his personal 8 man security team.

8. The Pope
deep bat voice In the “Bat”ican, in “Bat”ican city lives a superhero who spends his time, fighting poverty, Injustice and Crime, with his own pope mansion, pontifical guard and pope mobile, evil has no place to hide!

9. Joaquin (El Chapo) Guzman
The level of security this Narco has made it impossible to arrest him until 1993 in Guatemala but since then his security has had to increase because of repeated escapes. He was serving 20 years in mexico where in 2001 he bribed 2 guards and escaped. He was arrested again in 2014 in mexico and escaped in 2015 using a 1.5km tunnel under his cell. He was arrested again in 2016 and extradited to the us where he awaits trial, he is expected to be sentenced to life without parole, if he doesn’t escape again!

10. Bill Gates
One of the richest people on the planet Bill has enemies, he even had a pie thrown at him once so he knows how important security is. His $150,000,000 mansion has a vast array of cameras and sensors, lets hope they’re all updated….. and not running vista!