10 Most SATISFYING Inventions EVER! o_O’

New inventions are made every day to try to make our lives easier but few inventions manage to be a joy to use as well as a joy to watch, so here are the 10 Most SATISFYING Inventions EVER!

1. Household printer
There’s a big difference between having a printer at home and printing a home. The “Vulcan” is a 3d printer developed by “icon”. This printer is capable of printing a 650 square foot home in under 24 hours by printing layers of quick-drying mortar on top of each other. Humans are still needed to install windows, doors, and services but with an approximate cost of $4000 a home its a cheap and viable housing solution!

2. Massive mower
If you find mowing the lawn a chore, how would you feel about mowing a mountain? Thankfully a company called Brielmaier has made it easy for us. These massive hand pushed mowers are comically satisfying to watch in action. There are ride-on models for larger fields and even models with a gun turret for fertilizing.

3. Seabin
This clever invention is a great way to clean our oceans. It’s basically a floating trash can with a pump that sucks water and trash in and filters the water back out. Each seabin is capable of filtering 25,000 liters per hour and capturing 1.4 tons of trash a year!

4. The InfiniTIRE
This titanium alloy tire was actually developed by NASA, its lightweight, incredibly strong, and is impossible to puncture, 3 very important details for any space-related invention. Although it’s mesmerizing to watch it bend and twist to match the terrain without sustaining damage it’s doubtful we’ll see it on everyday vehicles any time soon.

5. Laser cutter
The Thunder laser system is a computer-guided laser cutting machine capable of cutting wood, HDF board, and even sheet metal. Similar to a 3d printer the thunder is relatively slow but sped up its extremely satisfying to watch.

6. Elios drone
Looking like something from StarWars. The Elios eliminates everything that’s bad about drones. It can crash into things, bounce about inside tubes, and basically access places that used to be inaccessible whilst looking completely awesome at the same time!

7. Folding shirts
There is something incredibly satisfying about watching a machine take care of a job that you hate doing, The SPEEDY-T is such a machine. About the same size as a normal table this machine folds shirts in a second and can either stack them afterwards or hold them up for bagging.

8. Optimas
The Optimas is a paving system that initially lays a flat gravel base before laying squares of prepositioned paving bricks. This method reduces labor costs massively as well as being beautiful to watch.

9. Roadprinter
Like the Optimas on steroids, the Roadprinter could even be called the Optimas Prime. 5 Times faster than traditional methods it can build roads up to 20 feet wide. 2 men at the top of the machine organize the pavers while the machine slowly travels down the road laying them whilst automatically steering itself to stay straight.

10. Vacuum former
This machine using heat to melt a thermodynamic plastic sheet and then creates a vacuum to suck the plastic around a mould.
It may not be a new invention but there is something strangely satisfying about watching a floppy piece of plastic become a solid detailed shape.

Which invention did you find most satisfying?

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