10 Most Expensive Things in the World!

10 Most Expensive Things in the World!

We all have special ‘nice things’ we have bought to impress. That shiny new dress. That sparkly new watch. Sure. But when you’ve already got everything you could possibly want, how do you go that one step further? We show you how with our list of the most expensive things in the world!

10. Most expensive dumplings $2,400 (for 8)
One of the most expensive dishes in the world, golden gates restaurant in New York offers this rare treat: veal pork and beef dumplings. Nothing luxury about that. But their blue tinge is achieved from the gland of a deep-water horned lantern fish. They are said to be exceptionally delicious and well worth $4,400 for a portion of sixteen.

9. Most Expensive Doorstop $3,500
Doorstops are handy little wedges or objects used to hold open doors. You needed spend out on anything fancy, right? Unless you’re filthy rich, in which case you’ll be wanting to fork out $3,500 for one. Designer Tobias Wong, cast concrete into various Alvar Alto Savoy vases, smashed the vase like a cheap mold and voila. A 35 hundred dollar doorstop.

8. Most expensive pacifier $17,000
The handle is white gold and it’s inlaid with 280 diamonds! If $17,000 seems a bit pricey, you can always dumb it down a bit. This Australian based company also produces pacifiers with bling for almost any budget.

7. Most expensive shoelaces $19,000
A company called Mr. Kennedy hand weave gold and silver threads into shoelaces and each set usually takes about 120 hours. You can choose from silver and gold but the latter will set you back nineteen thousand dollars. But don’t worry, included in the price is your own special elite delivery man who will bring the order right to your front porch and even help you lace them up!

6. Most expensive suitcase $20,000
This rather small suitcase is made from a plethora of exotic materials. From horsehair to ebony, magnesium, aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, sail cloth and various kinds of leather. But why is it $20,000? Oh yeh it also has a built in electric motor and smart weight sensors, so it’ll never be dragging behind you.

5. Most Expensive umbrella $50,000
Made from black crocodile leather , this luxury item is produced by Billionaire Couture, founded by Italian millionaire Flavio Briatore and designer Angelo Galasso. If you’ve got $50,000 burning a hole in your pocket, hurry over to Britain because this unique item is only available in one particular shop in London.

4. Most Expensive Beef Burger $332,000
This 5 ounce burger is worth a staggering three hundred and thirty-two thousand dollars! Why? It has been produced by a Dutch scientist, from cultivated beef stem cells! This is the first time in history that lab-grown meat is being offered for tasting!

3. Most Expensive bed $6,300,000
Covered in gold and precious stones, this luxurious bed by Stuart Hughes costs a whopping 6.3 million dollars. Its frame is made from the best types of ash, chestnut and cherry, hand decorated with 235 pounds of 24 karat gold as well as diamonds and sapphires. However, after forking out nearly 6 and a half million dollars on a bed, a good night’s sleep is not guaranteed.

2. Most Expensive iPhone $48,500,000
Falcon created this luxury iphone coated with gold or platinum and inlaid with a pink diamond. This now out-dated iphone 6 will set you back 48 million dollars. However there are cheaper alternatives. For example an orange diamond (42.5M) or a blue diamond (32.5M). That’s just the price you have to pay for a working headphone socket.

1. Most Expensive Substance $100,000,000,000
Antimatter is the most expensive substance, or anti-substance, in the world. It costs a whopping 100 billion dollars to make just 1 milligram. Reversing matter’s electrical charge and creating antielectrons is an expensive business and its applications for medical antimatter carry cases and antimatter rockets are currently being explored.

If you could have any one of these expensive items, which would you pick?
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