10 Mind-Blowing Facts About President Trump’s Limo!

The Presidential Motorcade is an impressive thing to witness. But it’s not just the limousine President Trump is carted around in. From built-in guns to it’s own jet, the Trumpmobile has it all!

1. Development
Since 1963 it became clear that the President wasn’t safe riding around in just any old car. This is why the Secret Service allegedly paid General Motors $16M dollars to development the vehicle over the course of 3 years.

2. Tank on Wheels
The same armor used on tanks, surrounds the limo. It designed to keep the president and all those inside the vehicle safe and sound. Nicknamed “The Beast” this Cadillac-Limo even has a special foam in the gas tank, which automatically seals any perforations.

3. Firepower
The Trumpmobile doesn’t ride alone and is accompanied by a motorcade of Secret Service SUVs. Some with A-Team style pop-up Gatling guns, ready to fire at a moment’s notice! Capable of firing a thousand rounds per minute, the shooter doesn’t even have to get out to fire it.

4. Thirsty
The Beast drinks a lot of gas, guzzling 1/4 of a gallon every mile. But it isn’t driven by just anyone. An elite driver is trained on specialized driving courses until he can handle the Beast like a Ferrari.

5. Decoys
There is more than one presidential limousine. There are 12 built in the U.S. and often more than one travels with the motorcade. Sometimes carrying other VIP passengers, and other times serving as a decoy vehicle.

6. It Can Fly.
Wait, what? For $16M dollars you’d expect the President’s personal batmobile to be capable of flight, well okay. It doesn’t have built-in wings, but it does have its own C17 Globemaster which carries it around the globe to anywhere the President goes.

7. The Beast is Watching…
When traveling, agents aboard the motorcade are constantly observing and scanning the radio channels around them for communications of a planned attack. This has saved the president on various occasions, allowing the Beast to immediately, divert its route and avoid the danger.

8. Like The Batmobile
The technology crammed inside the Beast also includes, tear gas grenades, night vision cameras, and fire fighting equipment. The Beast even has its own oxygen supply, which protects all inside against a chemical attack. It’s not all geared for war, as it also is equipped with recliner seats so the president can relax.

9. Size Matters
Each presidential motorcade is a little different when it comes to the size. It depends on the size of the support staff traveling along with the president. The hostility of the area around the motorcade also makes a big difference and more vehicles will tag along according to the threat.

10. The Pricetag
Most limousines run around $75,000. The Beast comes in at around $1.5 million. And there are 12 of them. Having already cost $16M to design and develop.
No price is too great for the safety of the President, of course.

Which one of the Trumpmobile’s features surprised you?
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