10 INSANE Scariest Rides in the World!

10 INSANE Scariest Rides in the World!

You can ride the best roller coaster in your country and you think you’ve seen them all, but you’d be wrong. There are way more scary rides out there, and here are 10 of the worst!

1) Eejanaika, Fujiyoshida, Japan
This Japanese ride is no normal roller coaster. It doesn’t just take you on a stomach churning route, it spins you 360º at the same time! Its name means “What the hell” and to find out why, you’ll have to go to Fujiyoshida!

2) Colossus, Surrey, England
With 10 inversions and flips, it’s so tremendously terrifying that even China decided to build and exact duplicate over there. So, you know it must be good.

3) Maverick, Sandusky, Ohio
This is a $21 million ride, the most expensive in the world. It the sharp turns at 70 miles an hour leave you flummoxed, don’t worry, it also includes water cannons to cool you off.

4) X2, Valencia, California
Get ready to enter the fifth dimension with its 360-degree rotating seats and head-first, face down drops. X2 is one of the most popular thrill rides on the planet.

5) Superman: Ride of Steel, Agawam, Massachusetts
It’s considered one of the best in the USA, i don’t know, maybe, because of its drops over 221f at 77 miles per hour with 10 seconds of weightlessness? You think?

6) Kingda Ka, Jackson, New Jersey
Here, you’ll feel like a ball, first they’ll pull you up 464f in just a few seconds, then you’ll fall in a 270f spiral, at speeds of 128 miles per hour with positive and negative G force.

7) Insanity Stratosphere, Las Vegas, Nevada
This is an insane attraction on the top of the Stratosphere Hotel where you can see the stunning views… from another angle, at 900f high, while you’re spinning at 40 miles per hour.

8) Tower of Terror, Gold Coast, Australia
Being the 4th fastest and tallest ride in the world, it hurls yous at over 100 miles per hour, and drops you 377f in just 6,5 seconds making you experience 0 Gravity. Uff, too fast for me…

9) Expedition Geforce, Haßloch, Germany
It’s not only one of the largest rides in Europe, but also, one of the scariest. It reaches 203f high and travels 74 miles per hour reaching 4,5 G’s. If you’re ever in Germany, you should not miss this one!

10) Fahrenheit, Hershey, Pennsylvania
It climbs a steep 90º angle then drops 121f, doing inversion loops. It’s so full of bends it will give you amnesia, and you’ll forget about what a horrifying time you just had and be dying to get back on it again.

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