10 Incredible Acts Of Kindness CAUGHT ON CAMERA!

10 Incredible Acts Of Kindness CAUGHT ON CAMERA!

Christmas is the season to show kindness and generosity to our fellow loved ones. But the following people showed amazing compassion to complete strangers, with these amazing acts of pure kindness.

1. Spare Change
A homeless man who offered a woman his last pennies to get home when she lost her purse is “overwhelmed” after she raised more than £21,000 to help him. Dominique slept rough on the streets to raise money for homeless man Robbie after he offered to give her his last £3 for a taxi home. “He is shocked by the amount of support this has received. He doesn’t want any publicity, he’s just a nice bloke who would help anyone.”

2. Touchdown
10 year old Jacob Steiner is a mentally disabled 10 year old on the Oakland Cougars football team. After playing all season, his coach arranged this;
Together with the coach of the Logan Township Lions they arranged for young Jacob to feel what it is like to score a touchdown.

3. Feed A Stranger
In this Qdoba restaurant in Kentucky, this server was surprised by a disabled woman’s request on bringing her food. She asked him if he could feed her and he did without hesitation. Afterwards he commented he was sure that anyone in his place would have done the same.

4. Police Ties
A police officer stopped this man for speeding when the man explained that he had been looking for his friend who knows how to tie a tie, couldn’t find him and now he was late for his presentation. The officer not only lets him off without a ticket, but also ties his tie for him.

5. New Shoes
New Mexico police officer Mark Gurule found a homeless man in a parking lot, drying his wet socks. Rather than move him along or arrest him for loitering, the officer simply left and came back with a pair of brand new shoes for the man with some thick socks and even handed him some money for food.

6. Taco Bell
Lieutenant Colonel Robert Risdon was looking to get some food at a TacoBell in Alabama when he saw two boys raising money for their family. He invited them to dinner and they couldn’t be happier. The younger brother even said “I want to be just like u when I grow up.” and then saluted him.

7. Skin Head
Delaney Clements and Cameron Renfro are two BFFs who were dealt some serious news, when Delaney was diagnosed with Nueroblastoma. As Cameron’s friend began to lose her hair she shaved her own head in solidarity. This was when she was expelled from school for violating the dress code. She was told to “come back when you have hair.”
After facebook blew up in outrage the school board apologized and let Cameron come back.

8. America of Tomorrow
Grocery store employee Brandon Rallins didn’t hesitate to escort an elderly woman to her car. This small act of kindness was witnessed by Bo Graff and
he was compelled to record it. Graff went on to say; “This is how America should be! And hopefully this is the America of tomorrow!!”

9. Say a Little Prayer
At this Dutch Bros in Vancouver, the baristas were working fast to serve their customers. When 19 year old Pierce Dunn noticed that the woman sat in the drive thru was terribly upset. When probed he discovered that she had just lost her husband of 37 and the three workers dropped everything and reached out to her, sharing a prayer. The photo was taken by a woman in the drive thru queue.

10. Mind The Gap
In 2014 a man getting on to the subway in Perth, Australia, didn’t ‘mind the gap’. He accidentally stepped right in it, getting stuck. Luckily a commuter acted quickly and alerted the driver. However the man could not pull his leg back out. Luckily for him everyone around came together in solidarity pushing against the train, tilting the huge wagon until he was able to pull himself free.