10 Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

10 Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

We all get nervous going through customs, so imagine how these people felt smuggling 10 of the craziest things found by airport security!

1. Two Monkeys in a Man’s Pants
In 2002 in Los Angeles international airport a man returning from a trip to Thailand was found to be carrying an exotic bird and 50 rare orchids. When asked whether he was carrying anything else he admitted to be carrying 2 very young pygmy monkeys in his underwear. The monkeys were delivered safely to Los Angeles zoo whilst the man received a 57 day jale sentence.

2. Lipstick Stun Gun
In an airport in Burlington Vermont an unusual lipstick case was found in a woman’s carry on bag, Upon closer inspection the lipstick was found to be a 350,000 volt stun stick.

3. Tropical fish
In Melbourne airport a woman was stopped because of a sloshing noise when she moved. after careful inspection she was found to be wearing a specially designed apron carrying 15 bags containing 51 different species of tropical fish.

4. Powder cast
In El Prat airport Barcelona a man with a broken leg arriving from Santiago Chile was found to be carrying narcotics in his luggage, upon closer inspection it was discovered that his cast was made out of 11 pounds of compressed powder.

5 .Severed heads
In 2013, O’hare international airport, a discovery of a shipment of 18 human heads caused quite a disturbance with headlines asking where they had been sent from and why. It was later revealed that due to a paperwork mix up the heads were actually part of medical shipment originally sent to Rome and then returned to Chicago as part of an agreement.

6. Tiger cub
In 2010 Bangkok international airport, Thailand, a 31 year old woman was found to be carrying a sedated 2 month old tiger cub in amongst her luggage. The woman was looking to sell it for 2000 pounds on the Iranian black market. The woman was arrested and the tiger sent to a wildlife refuge.

7. 200 Taratulas
In Schiphol airport Amsterdam a German couple faced criminal charges after attempting to smuggle 200 rare tarantulas as well as millipedes crickets and grasshoppers in their suitcase back from their trip to South America.

8. Wheel of pain
In 2012 Newark airport a lethal weapon was found during a screening process. The weapon known as a “wheel of pain” has 6 razor sharp blades that can decapitate a person in one throw.

9. Snakes
In 2007 Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international airport a man arriving from South Korea was found to be carrying 30 venomous snakes packed into jars and bottles. It is still unclear as to why he was carrying the snakes and to what purpose.

10. Cannonball
A diver was denied access to an airplane due to a cannonball he had found in an 18th century shipwreck. Due to its “viable explosiveness” an entire baggage area and 3 flights were evacuated delaying nearly 300 passengers.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve taken on a plane?
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