10 CRAZIEST Homemade Inventions!

10 CRAZIEST Homemade Inventions!

There are some people out there with an incredible imagination. Luckily for them, when they think of something, as weird as it may look, they’re able to actually build it. Here are the Top 10 CRAZIEST Homemade Inventions!

1) Crazy Motorbike
It looks like a mix between the Olympic Skeleton winter sport and a weird lizard’s motorbike. Here is a strange bike that goes as fast as a real motorbike. It seems like the perfect way to break your knees into small pieces, and it doesn’t look too comfortable either…

2) Waterwheel
This is an ingenious way of pumping water out of the river using the current’s own force. The fins push the spiral and force the water in the tube uphill to fill the storage pit.

3) The thing
Here we have… errr… what the heck is this? A tractor, a car? who is driving it? a stuffed dog? Well this machine is a bit mysterious, but one thing is clear: it’s pretty damn cool!!! And it’s remote controlled! A kind of steampunk remote controlled batmobile? Who knows. But it’s GREAT!

4) The Final Saw
I can’t stop being amazed by things that some people are able to create with their own hands. Instead of buying a very expensive huge wood working machine, this man took what like a bike, adding a few pieces as you do, like a saw, a motor, and some beams… And boom! He can make beams out of trees!

5) Snow Tractor
You’ve always dreamed of effortlessly gliding over any obstacle the snow might throw at you, right? Well, this man has done it. He uses his kid as an excuse to have a bit of fun. But that changes quickly, as he takes him out of the way and becomes a kid himself cruising in the snow on his new invention!

6) The Excavator
This man was exhausted working on his vegetable patch, his back ached, his legs had cramp… so he thought “hey! what if i make my own excavator?” So he did! Using some bars, iron wheels, and some other bits of junk, he made this amazingly simple excavator where he can dig a pit whilst sat down. At an painstakingly slow pace…

7) The Batbike
Ok, this motorbike’s nothing like the one we mention earlier. This is like a real pro motorbike that seems to be taken out from a batman movie, it even has a spinning tailpipe. However, i can’t stop thinking that we so much sharp pieces, if he falls… well he’s gotta end up armless, legless…headless, you get the idea, right?

8) Ice skating
You don’t know how to do ice skating without crashing your ass on the ice all the time? No problem! now you can cross an iced lake if you want with this… ice skating tractor??? Wow, what a combination! but this man got it! It may have some issues with the controlling aspect but… he got it!

9) Working on the garden
This is the perfection where you can find the simplest machine to work on a tedious task. This man just took an iron structure, very very simple structure, and added some discs, that’s all. The result? a work that can take hours and it’s terrible for the back, solved in minutes and no pain at all. Sublime!!!

10) The lumberjack
This machine couldn’t be any cooler. It’s a motor that pushes a bar against an axe head. It can cut all of your stored logs in just minutes, completely effortlessly. It’s also hypnotizing, you could spend all day just watching it work…

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever made?
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