10 CELEBS Who Work Normal Jobs!

The silver screen is a cutthroat industry with many stories of actors doing “regular jobs” before finally catching their “lucky break!” But because reaching stardom may be mostly due to luck, a little bad luck can send you crashing back down!

1. Hayden Christensen
Yes, it turns out that Darth Vader doesn’t actually like the spotlight…. He prefers the Darkside!
In 2007 Hayden bought a farm and has learned to run it over the past 13 years. He has also started his own clothing line and a small budget production company called “Glacier films” and while he still appears in independent films its more of a hobby than a full-time job.

2. Nikki Blonsky
Perhaps the most ironic of our list, Nikki starred in the 2007 hit movie Hairspray, earning her a golden globe nomination. Unfortunately, the work dried up and Nikki got a job as a Makeup artist in…. Yep, you guessed it, a hair salon! Although she hasn’t starred in anything since hairspray she still goes to auditions and hasn’t lost sight of her dreams!

3. Steven Seagal
One of the big action stars of the 90’s, his martial arts skills were quick, cold and mechanical, unfortunately, so were his acting skills! This led to his movie career dying out and Seagal had to find something else. He’s been a reserve deputy chief, a musician, and a martial arts professor.
Now, he’s a political, environmental, and animal rights activist and special representative to the Russian foreign ministry.

4. Shaquille O’Neal
Whether it’s doing advertising, playing basketball, or rapping, Shaq has always been a star, although rather than just being a star Shaq has decided to collect them.
In 2016 he was made honorary deputy sheriff in Georgia. In 2019 he became an auxiliary deputy in Broward County. and he now has the titles of honorary us deputy marshall and reserve officer with other agencies in Arizona, Florida, and California.

5. Vanilla Ice
Robert van winkle AKA Vanilla ice went from famous MC to heroin OD before deciding to make a lifestyle change. Although he has appeared in a number of films, His net worth of $10 million has mainly come from working in real estate. Where he buys old houses cheap, renovates them, and sells them at a higher price.

6. Chris Owen
Chris has appeared in every American pie movie as The Sherminator. This amounts to quite a lot of films but also means that he was pigeonholed as The Sherminator and made future roles difficult to land. He still goes to auditions and has had some minor roles but now works as a waiter and a part-time photographer to pay the bills.

7. Kevin Jonas
The eldest of the Jonas Brothers, he’s the only one not to have carried on with his music career. Instead, he became co CEO of an influencer marketing company called Blu Market. He also has a real estate and construction company and has created various mobile phone apps. These may not be “normal” jobs but he’s definitely not famous for them!

8. Jack Gleeson
This Irish actor played Joffrey in Game of Thrones. After finishing the series and instead of carrying onto stardom, Jack decided to go to university and study philosophy and Theology. After graduating he decided to become an academic and philosophy lecturer. Stating that acting was never meant to be more than a hobby!

9. Dylan Sprouse
Along with his twin brother, Cole, Dylan was a famous childhood actor. Appearing in series like Zack and Cody and the film Big Daddy. Whereas Cole decided to carry on acting, Dylan chose a completely different profession … brewing mead.
Mead is a medieval drink made by fermenting honey and water, and at $30 a bottle it’s pretty profitable!

10. Donald Trump
Okay, being the head of a government isn’t exactly a normal job. But it’s far from being the role of an actor. Or is it?… Having written various books, appeared in the WWE, and had cameo appearances in 8 different series and films as well as a variety of radio and talk shows. Donald also hosted 14 seasons of the hit show The Apprentice. However, in 2016 Donald disappeared from the limelight and now in 2020, his only signs of life are some ridiculous tweets and the odd rant on social media.

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