10 Amazing & Unique People Around the World – Part 2

Humans are amazing. It’s so crazy how we can all be so alike, but at the same time, so different.
Here are 10 more Amazing and Unique People!

1 Ava Clarke
Ava is an African American actress and model with albinism. A defective strand of DNA doesn’t produce enough melanin causing her skin and hair to be white creating her unique and beautiful look.
Kimi Zhidkova and Stephen Thompson are also known for their gorgeous albinism.

2. Porphyria
Julia Gnuse isn’t just the world’s most tattooed woman. She also hates tattoos. Julia struggles with a condition called porphyria, in which the slightest bit of sunlight causes burn marks on her skin. This is why she’s covered 95% of her body in tattoos. Effectively a permanent sun-block. Unfortunately she recently passed away at the age of 61.

3. Tsunaina
Tibetan model Tsunaina is often compared to a real life Pocahontas or Avatar.
By a stroke of luck, she was scouted on the street by a modelling agent and now models for brands like Cristian Dior. Tsunaina has become a huge influencer and inspires her followers to embrace their birthmarks.

4. Ilka Brühl Ilka
Born with ectodermal dysplasia, Ilka struggled from birth with this rare facial cleft. During her childhood, she found her biggest problem wasn’t other children making fun of her, if not the way she would isolate herself due to her lack of confidence. Until in 2014 she went on a photoshoot and it changed her life. The 27 year-old German native has achieved the unthinkable; making a living from her looks and commented; “There is only one way to be ugly: by having an ugly character. No-one should be judged by their appearance.”

5. Sarah McDaniel
Some people are born with blue eyes, some people with brown, but Sarah was born with both. Heterochromia iridis, is a genetic variation that causes multi-colored irises, sometimes affecting each eye, sometimes within the same eye, like Demi Moore and Henry Cavill. But not David Bowie…

6. Sophia Hadjipanteli
23 year old Sophia, is a model, sunglasses designer and also a Beauty Activist. She fights a daily battle against what is socially acceptable, trying to inspire other women to break the mold and be their natural selves. She used to pluck her eyebrows, but since letting them grow out naturally she has received everything from support to death threats.

7. Anisocoria
The condition known as anisocoria is when one pupil fluctuates and functions normally, while the other remains in a fixed position. It affects 20% of the population, and can be entirely harmless or be a symptom of a more serious medical condition. David Bowie had Anisocoria.

8. White Stripes
If you have a streak of white hair that seems to blend into the surrounding skin, you’ve probably got piebaldism. This is when a person is missing cells called melanocytes causing a white streak across the skin, usually on the forehead, along with some hair. It sometimes affects eyebrows and eyelashes too.

9. Maria Oz
Ukrainian model, Maria Oz has incredibly huge eyes. So incredible in fact that many accuse her of photoshopping her instagram pics. However, Maria claims that just genetics and like her father, she has abnormally large eyes.

10. Natty Sasuphan
The world’s most hairiest girl, Supatra ‘Natty’ Sasuphan from Bangkok, suffers from Ambras Syndrome or ‘Werewolf Syndrome’. A rare condition producing excessive hair growth all over her body, including her face. Only 50 cases of Ambras Syndrome have been documented since the Middle Ages. Since getting married last year, Natty has begun shaving her face and body.

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