The 15 Most Dangerous Jobs in the US

The stupid things we do to make a buck.


Across the country, thousands of professionals willingly (or perhaps unknowingly) take their very lives in their hands just by reporting for work. In order for most Americans to enjoy a sense of safety as well as the myriad luxuries we all take for granted, several US citizens have to step up and take risks. There are still an incredible amount of jobs in the United States of America that claim dozens of lives each and every year. Here, for your consideration, are some the United States’ most hazardous professions.

15. Sports Professionals

With recent years’ revelation that former NFL players are prone to long term damage from repeated concussions (what with all the slamming into each other repeatedly and everything), it might not surprise you that the entire sports industry is pretty darn dangerous. Of course, considering that most professional sports involve beating other people senseless, trying to catch super dense flying objects, or pulling off gravity-defying idiocy, it’s pretty good news that only about ten people die from sports-related incidents each year.

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