15 Serious Problems In A Long Distance Relationship (And How To Fix Them)

15 Serious Problems In A Long Distance Relationship (And How To Fix Them)

All relationships require commitment between couples for them to last. A career could put a strain on a relationship through hundreds of miles of separation. Couples might meet by accident from different areas around the world to fall in love with each other.

Less physical contact means intimacy happens fewer times making the communication and trust level stronger among those involved. Each partner realizes the important reasons they are involved in the relationship. They can still be problems developing even in these types of situations.


1. The Time Difference

The Time Difference
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Relationship problems can begin by couples living in separate time zones. Take into consideration one partner is living in another Country. It could be daylight there while the dark hours of the night are where you live.

It takes effort from both partners to schedule a time to spend together each day to communicate with one another. Devotion to making sure each partner is available at a specific time is a major key to the relationship lasting.

2. Discussing A Variety Of Topics

Discussing A Variety Of Topics
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Problems arise when couples can’t find interesting subjects to talk about. Change is important in communication between long-distance couples. Exploring all sorts of interesting topics can make those conversations interesting. Spacing out times of communication from every day to several times a week can make those meetings better.

Being with one another through on-line chats or telephone are fantastic methods to become directly involved physically. An email to your partner is one thing but personal with video chat is exciting. Both sides in the relationship will feel a stronger bond.

3. Controlling Lengths Of Time When Communicating

Controlling Lengths Of Time When Communicating
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Partners shouldn’t have to spend multiple hours talking to each other every day. The length of time should be appropriate with both partners agreeing on limits. People need space to take care of their daily activities after the job has ended.

Making an agreement between each other on what times to call or be on-line is important in the long-distance relationship. It will keep the romance healthy to avoid conflict.

4. Expecting A Partner To Be Available

Expecting A Partner To Be Available
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Your partner should never be anticipated to be there for you the moment you have free time for communication. This can cause anger between those in the relationship. They could have important reasons for being unavailable. They might have to work over the scheduled hours. They might have had a serious emergency with one of their family members.

A great relationship takes each partner to realize things do and will happen that are under nobody’s control. Show you care by realizing that they have to live a daily life in their location. Be courteous, apologetic and leave a message if you receive no response to a call. Your partner will appreciate that from you.

5. Allowing Each Other Space

Allowing Each Other Space
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Allowing each other personal time is critical for the relationship to flourish. Selfishness is requiring the other partner to follow one side’s rules constantly. A relationship will never work when one side expects the other to do the things they won’t do.

Everyone has freedom of choice and space. Each partner needs those to do what is important in their lives. This requires commitment from both sides to agree on giving each other a considerable amount of space to take care of what they have to do in their personal time. This has nothing to do with spending time together on-line or physically.

6. Eliminating Negative Thinking

Eliminating Negative Thinking
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Thinking about what your partner is doing all day can cause all sorts of problems in a long-distance relationship. This is dealing with the trust and faithfulness issue. Negative thinking can ruin a great relationship. You can avoid that by using the mental power of positively.

Positive thoughts lead to better things happening all around you. Allowing good things about your partner to influence your mind will benefit everyone in the relationship. You will find that it makes the bond between both of you in the relationship stronger.

7. Spending Physical Time With Each Other

Spending Physical Time With Each Other
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Physical contact is important in a long-distance relationship. Both partners should strive to find ways to visit each other. Quality time doing things together allows touching, kissing and a bonding that can never be matched in other ways.

Always try to be together with your loved one as much as possible. Financial situations may arise where you can only be together for a day. Just a day together can mean more than being apart. Things can always improve until the day comes when you never are apart from each other.

8. Worries About Being Faithful

Worries About Being Faithful
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Sometimes a partner may feel their significant other could be dating someone else without them knowing. This can cause all sorts of difficulties in the relationship. It is always important for each partner to have a mutual bond of trust with one another.

Worry is related to anxiety that often leads to depression. Always express your feelings to each other. Your partner will love you that much more for being upfront with them about what you feel inside.

9. Remembering Special Occasions

Remembering Special Occasions
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A time when your relationship has stalled or you think it might be suffering is a great moment to come up with a fresh approach. Thinking of sending your partner a gift for their birthday is a fantastic way of showing how much you love them. It could be a small or large gift. It might be a beautiful card with flowers. A gift-wrapped package sent by mail is an exciting way to surprise your loved one.

Gifts can be sent in many ways. An on-line card with a personal note written by you can do wonders for your partner. Ordering something special for them on-line to send is another way to surprise them. It can be any sort of occasion. It could be the anniversary when you both first met as an example. People in long-distance relationships enjoy receiving gifts from their partner.

10. The Loneliness Factor

The Loneliness Factor
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Being separated from each other can create intense feelings of loneliness. Human nature requires each of us to have a bonding to a significant other. Spending more time with family and friends can help you get over periods of loneliness. Finding a new hobby can help you overcome those feelings. Joining an exercise class can help relieve them.

Sending photos of your participation in any of these above to your partner can help you with loneliness. It can make the bond between you and your partner better. It also gives you both more to talk about when you’re on-line together.

11. Spending More Time Together Online

Spending More Time Together Online
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Watching movies or television series on-line with a computer together is a great way to spend more time. You both can chat while viewing the movie. It can be like a virtual picture show while being on the computer together. It can help your relationship by enjoying additional time with each other having fun.

12. Be Open-Minded With Each Other About Emotions

Be Open-Minded With Each Other About Emotions
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Bitterness and anger can destroy a relationship quicker than anything else. Both partners should have an open policy when it comes to their thoughts and feelings. Being honest with your partner can help them understand better what you’re going through. Real love begins with each other sharing with the other all their inner emotions.

13. Hiding Things From Each Other

Hiding Things From Each Other
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A golden rule in an on-line relationship is to never make false statements about yourself to someone you met. That can destroy a relationship quickly. Lying to them about a financial situation is a surefire method of ending a relationship. Being untruthful about anything concerning you is never recommended. Always tell that special person in your life the truth.

14. Repairing A Relationship Through Digital Dating

Repairing A Relationship Through Digital Dating
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Skype and Facebook are excellent methods to communicate on-line. They promote a way of physical bonding on-line while being hundreds of miles apart from each other. They both make a suffering long-distance relationship better. Partners in a relationship can be eating a meal miles from each other but be together on-line through the Internet. Working out with exercise while watching each other is another excellent way to use remote viewing on-line. This involves putting faces with voices to show real people are involved in the relationship.

15. Being Adults In Long Distance Relationships

Being Adults In Long Distance Relationships
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Keeping the relationship healthy is the main ingredient of staying together forever. A couple will never survive without unconditional love for each other. Being together really means to be as one. It means being truthful, trustworthy, honest, respectful and honoring each one’s wishes throughout life.