12 Surprising Hidden Causes of Depression

Depression has become an epidemic in the United States. Everyone can develop depression – young and old, male and female, rich and poor, ordinary and popular. It does not care about your race or status – it just develops in an instant. Sometimes, other people do not realize that they have it until the signs worsen and they do not have any other choice but to kill themselves because of hopelessness, fear, and extreme sadness. Because of the increasing number of people who are depressed, suicide is quickly becoming one of the leading causes of death in the country. What’s more alarming is that the number of suicide incidents on the younger population continues to rise.

Many research organizations have started funding studies that aim to discover what really causes depression, and they are surprised to know some reason why this condition develops. The people behind these research studies are hoping that understanding the condition will make it easier for the majority of the population to detect if their friends or family members are going under an episode of depression. Knowing the signs will help them speak to their loved ones about what they feel, and find a way on how they can save their lives. The following information lists the most surprising causes of depression.


1. Physical Abuse

Physical Abuse
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People who have experienced physical abuse when they were young have a higher risk of developing depression. When someone is physically abused as a child, the memory stays inside their brain, and when they remember it as an adult, the bad memories would cause someone to fall into a state of depression. This can happen if the memory is never forgotten. As a child, our body is not that tough, and any physical abuse that our young and sensitive body receives would take a toll on our health. Children who are being punched, kicked, and slapped would develop a strong trauma to the person who is abusing them.

2. Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse
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Being sexually abused is a traumatizing event, no matter if it happened when the victim was still a child or as an adult. Another thing about sexual abuse is that it can happen regardless of gender. However, females are more prone to sexual abuse compared to males, but there are real cases when males are sexually abused. After being abused sexually, the first thing that comes inside the mind is fear against the abuser. The trauma can be more severe if the abuser is someone close to the victim, a friend, or a relative. The extreme trauma experienced by the victims would cause them to blame themselves, and they would undergo an episode of severe depression that will drive them to commit suicide.

3. Emotional Abuse

Emotional Abuse
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Emotional abuse happens when someone feels neglected. This can happen when a child is disowned by their family, or when someone who loves their partners found out that they are being cheated on. These events can trigger depression, and it is important for anyone to keep an eye on someone they knew who are currently experiencing hard times. Start talking to them if possible, and listen to their stories and whatever they wanted to keep inside. People who have undergone emotional abuse will feel better if they can share their thoughts with those who are ready to listen.

4. Certain Medications

Certain Medications
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Certain medications can also cause depression, and this fact is not widely known. However, scientists found out that the same medication can trigger depression. Other medications increase the risk of developing depression if used multiple times. When using these medications, it is important to ask the doctor about the possible side effects and find out if there is an available alternative that would prevent the development of depression. It will be difficult for someone who is living with depression to take these medications as well because their condition will worsen.

5. Conflicts and Disputes

Conflicts and Disputes
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It is normal for humans to engage in an argument or a conflict with someone, but if the conflict arises between a circle of close friends or family members, the people involved could develop emotional stress that can lead to depression. When conflicts and disputes arise within a group of friends or a family, the best solution is to talk about it and find a solution on how to resolve the issues. The people who are involved in the conflict should also learn about their mistakes and try to ask for forgiveness. It is also important to understand the situation and become more forgiving when conflicts arise. This would prevent the people involved to become depressed and blame themselves for what happened.

6. Death of a loved one

Death of a loved one
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Sadness and grief is a normal reaction when losing a loved one. During these difficult times, the presence of friends and other family members is important. Accepting the death of a loved one can be difficult, especially if they filled an important role in someone’s life. However, the sadness and grief experienced after losing a loved one are only temporary, and those who are left behind will start to move on with their lives. On the other hand, there are people who would never accept death and will fall into a state of depression if someone they love dies. Someone should speak with them and try to explain and help them understand that death is natural and it will eventually happen to everyone.

7. Genetics

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Many scientists believe that depression is one of the most complex traits in our system, and there is a huge chance of passing this trait to an offspring. Studies are being conducted to confirm the likelihood of someone passing the trait of depression to their child. If a breakthrough study is introduced, it will help more scientists to understand why depression suddenly develops to those who do not showcase any symptom at all. It will also help them understand what the best solution for these people would be, and how they will be able to cope with the depressive traits that have been affecting their lives.

8. Major Life Events

Major Life Events
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Life is not complete without any challenges, and for many people, these challenges are necessary for everyone to enjoy living their lives to the fullest. However, there are others who are not born to face these challenges. When they stand to face a major problem in life, they tend to quit immediately without thinking of any ways on how they can resolve the issue. Events like losing a home, losing a job, and divorce can cause someone to fall under the state of depression. These people would need support from their friends and family members to overcome these problems that can destroy their lives.

9. Personal problems

Personal problems
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Problems are normal, and everyone on the planet has one. When people develop personal problems, they tend to hide what they feel even to the closest people that they know. This would result in the development of depression, and they would feel helpless and without any clues on how to resolve their issues. This can be dangerous because people who wanted to hide their problems resort to committing suicide to avoid bothering their friends and relatives. If you suspect that someone is facing a difficult personal problem, offer to speak with them and find out what’s wrong. If you can identify their issues, these people who are experiencing problems will more likely feel comfortable sharing more information with you. Offer that you can listen to their problems and you can help them resolve it.

10. Serious illness

Serious illness
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Based on the report from physicians around the world, there are certain illnesses that trigger depression. On the other hand, people who are diagnosed with a terminal disease tend to feel devastated, and they can develop depression. This can happen especially to people who think that they are immortal and living the best time of their lives. When they visit their doctors and they found out that they are sick, the first thing that will come inside their minds would be the amount of time left on their hands to accomplish their goals. If they are still unsatisfied with their life goals, this would lead to the development of depression because they would think that their lives are worthless. Support is what these people need, and they should be reminded that they matter.

11. Substance abuse

Substance abuse
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Drugs and alcohol are two of the most popular substances that are being abused by the majority of the population. Many people are saying that taking drugs and drinking alcohol makes them feel good, but this is only the beginning. Once the substance has entered the body, the feeling of depression can be aggravated. This is the reason why people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol tend to increase their consumption – they wanted to escape the world they live in and they will resort to committing suicide. The best thing that you can do to help those who are addicted to substances is to remind them that their habit is dangerous to their health, and they should consider taking care of their bodies to feel better.