11 Bizarre Stories That Capture the Essence of Burning Man

Burning Man girls

Every year between the last Sunday in August until the first Monday in September (aka, Labor Day Weekend), free thinkers, artists, exhibitionists and weirdos from around the world descend on the Black Rock Desert three hours outside Reno, Nevada. For a few short days these people are free to indulge their inner oddball, engaging in any kind of behavior they see fit. There’s art, there’s sex, and there are a lot of drugs in the Dali-esque desertscape. So, as you might expect, the Burning Man festival is also the originator of several insane stories. Here are quotes and retellings of some of Burning Man’s wildest experiences just to give you the gist of this wacky gathering.


1. The Nude Welcoming Committee

They’re pretty serious about making sure that Burning Man attendees are serious about attending. Not only is a complete security check performed before anyone can enter, but newcomers to the festival are met (and hugged) by a committee of nudists. Burn ‘virgins’ are then forced to roll around in the dirt to go ahead and kiss that last vestige of hygiene goodbye.

Burning Man virgins