10 Little Ways to Build A Stronger Marriage

Little Ways to Build A Stronger Marriage

Most everyone is looking for someone to love and share their life with. The search for love and relationship begins at a very early age. The best thing that can happen to you in life is to love and be loved by the one you love; therefore, when you find this love, you should hold on to it with everything you got.

When you get married in God’s eyes (in church), you have committed to a never-ending sacred bond and everlasting companionship. Your vows seal this promise, not only to each other but to the lord.

There are times when love will hide or mimic other feelings, but it will always come back to you when you least expect it and when it does, it may be even stronger than ever before.

It’s not the times when love is exposed that you need to worry about, but the times when it is cloaked or disguised as hate or disgust that you should be wary of. These are desperate times that may cause you to feel anger or hate with thoughts of your relationship being over, so you must be cautious and know these feelings are only temporary and soon you’re true feelings will come out.

So, stay vigilant; keep mean and hateful words unsaid and hostile actions undone.

Here are 10 little ways to build a stronger marriage, love and relationship that others can only hope for, which can help you stick it out and stay together with the one you will always love, although you may not feel it now, you will feel it again someday soon.


1. Communication

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Communication is the key to a good marriage and relationship as it helps build trust, respect, understanding, and so much more. If you don’t like something that your spouse is doing, then tell them and hopefully, they will change, but how will they know if you don’t tell them. Some people expect you to know what they are thinking, which is so unfair to both you and your spouse.

2. Put Their Needs Before Yours

Put Their Needs before Yours
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This is essential in love and relationship because it shows you care enough about your partner to put yourself aside to ensure their happiness and satisfaction. However, this should go both ways. The needs that you put aside, your partner should consider as well. It works out for both of you as you are basically tending to each other’s needs.

3. Show Your Love with Actions and Words

Show Your Love with Actions and Words
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Sometimes, people need a bit of reassurance to feel loved. Actions do speak louder than words. Saying, “I love you” will let them know that you still love them, while showing your love, confirms it. For some, this usually plays out itself because when you truly love someone, depending on your character, it shows without you even trying to show it. Yet, some people may find it hard to show affection, even if they love you to the moon. Just be patient and if it bothers you, use no 1 of this cheat sheet, “communication”.

4. Spend Time Alone Regularly

Spend Time Alone Regularly
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Choose one day out of each week to spend time together alone and use this time to enjoy each other. Whether you go to dinner and a movie or spend a relaxing night at home alone, it’s just like eating a good meal; it will satisfy your urge to where you will be full for a while. It will also give you a chance to show affection towards one another without anybody around to complicate things. This can also be a good time to discuss any issues you are having and say anything else that needs to be said.

And don’t leave out intimacy. It’s a proven fact that cuddling is good for you as it helps you to relax, reduces stress and anxiety, and makes you feel more secure, but most importantly, being intimate with your spouse allows you to express your love for one another. So never put it off and enjoy it while you still can.

5. Never Keep Things Hidden From Each Other

Never Keep Things Hidden From Each Other
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Too many times it happens where one will fail to tell the other about a tiny issue that becomes a big problem just because they held it back. You may think nothing of it, but your partner may think a lot about it and this could change a lot. Once your partner finds out you hid something from them, they will also want to know why and even if you tell them why, they will be suspicious of you, and think, “I wonder what else he or she is not telling me”. This could shatter their trust in you, and does a lot more damage, including making them want to start doing the same.

6. Respect Each Other’s Family

Respect Each Other’s Family
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Problems with the in-laws have happened to even the closest couples and some don’t make it because of this. What you need to think about is, some people are closer to their family than others, so don’t use, “well my mother’s not going so why should yours go?” or “I never talk to my sister so why do you call yours all the time?” Out of respect for your spouse, you should always treat their family like your own, even if they are hard to get along with. They may not care enough about your spouse to treat his husband/wife with respect, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care about him/her enough to respect his family.

7. Set the Rules and Boundaries Together and Live By Them

Set the Rules and Boundaries Together and Live By Them
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There are no marriage and relationship guidelines or handbooks to go by and you should only take love relationship advice from those who have a good relationship. The best way to decide what’s right and wrong is by working on your own set of rules to follow together. Most rules will fall under common sense, but there may be some specific things that you would rather your spouse adhere to and vice versa. Decide on who will handle what and stick to it.

8. Work Together as a Team

Work Together as a Team
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No matter how you look at it, life is like a game and if you want to win, it is best to work together as a team and not against each other. Those who work together will succeed in life. You each have unique abilities to bring to the table so why not ban together to build a better lifestyle. Work out the details of your life together and plan to start a family soon. Never try to boss your spouse around, or make them feel bad about anything especially about themselves. Give each other encouragement and compliments, while always offering to help out.

9. Include Each Other in Everything You Do

Include Each Other in everything you do
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When choosing sides you should always pick your partner first before anyone else, it shows that you would rather have them by your side to help see things through and makes them feel special. Also, never make important decisions without discussing things with your spouse first. Remember, it is their life too now. You are both halves of a whole relationship.

10. Never Take Your Anger Out On the One You Love

Never Take Your Anger Out On the One You Love
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Getting nervous and angry is unavoidable for all human beings and you are no exception. There are two important problems with this to consider. One, is misery loves company so when people get mad they want everyone else to feel the same way and two, usually, something causes the anger and misery and when this happens people sometimes look for someone else to blame.

Whether your spouse is to blame or not, you have to learn how to control yourself during these critical times. Don’t let a little episode of nervousness ruin your marriage stay calm or leave until you are calm.


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The problem with marriages today is that too many ends for no good reasons. Those who stick it out may think back of the time their marriage was on the line and breathe a sigh of relief that they stuck it out.

What you need to think about is, if you decide to break up your marriage, you are probably going to find someone else to be with later and if you couldn’t see past your first spouse’s faults how will you manage to get past your new spouse’s Impediments. People are only human and everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, look at your own first and decide if maybe you may need a change.

Always try to make things work at any cost. You are already used to that person and understand each other very well. You have a lot of time already put into your relationship, don’t just throw your hands up and throw it all away for something that will soon pass and if it doesn’t, there are ways to work things out. Communication does help, but you have to be open and honest while explaining your thoughts, feelings, likes, dislikes, problems, possible solutions, and more.

Follow this love relationship advice and live out your lives together happily.