Craziest Japanese Pranks Compilation! LOL | Reverse Dokkiri

By now you should know what a Dokkiri is; a typical hidden camera prank like these two who think they’re in a comedy sketch. Supposedly entering to talk with the Madame Supervisor they quickly realise the sketch was really a dokkiri prank.

Then there are dokkiris that go wrong. Like when this actor arrives for an interview with the supposed director of a TV show, only to catch her changing.
Unfortunately the woman leaves the fake latex butt exposed, walking around with it hanging out, and the victim suspects something isn’t right here.
The Madame Supervisor is disappointed in her henchman’s performance, but decides to continue with the prank regardless.

Then there are reverse dokkiris.
This is where the victim supposedly gets pranked, and when the pranker rushes in to deem the prank a success, he gets pranked. And realises that he was the victim all along.

So what then, is a reverse reverse dokkiri?
Damasareta Taishou go one step further, with their dokkiri master Degawa hidden inside a table, ready to burst out and surprise his victim.
What Dega doesn’t know is that his victim – component of the famous rock-band “Tokio” – Is well prepared for this, and has a cream cannon with his name on it.
Unfortunately for Joshima-san it’s a reverse, reverse dokkiri. His gun is a dud, and he was the victim all along.

This next dokkiri is quite complicated. Comedian and silver ping-pong medalist Hata Yotu is brought in to record what he thinks is a comedy DVD. However his ping-pong rival Mizutani is waiting in the studio next door. Annoyed that Hata impersonates him, Mizutani has a chance to dokkiri Hata, using ping-pong. If he is able to get more balls in a box in one minute, the box will drop and Hata will be pranked. If not, Hata will go away, knowing nothing of the dokkiri.
Hata makes some jokes and then poses mocking Mizutani, just as Mizutani beats his score.

The Bomb Dokkiri is a long running prank where the challenge is to leave a bomb directly behind the victim without them knowing where it has come from.
Sometimes the pranker gets found out. And sometimes it works perfectly.

Sometimes a set of dokkiris are prepared for various people to see how each one will react differently…

And finally, the two actors are hired for what they think is to visit a rare hot spring. One of the steps is pulled away, and the victim grabs a fake banister for support.
Although it didn’t always work…

Which one of these crazy Japanese Pranks made you laugh?
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