Boyfriends Go to Great Lengths to Get Pics of Their Girlfriends for Instagram

If You’re Not Following the “Boyfriends of Instagram” Page You’re Missing Out

bf of insta

The “Boyfriends Of Instagram” account is full of hilarious photos of boyfriends doing whatever it takes to capture a perfect picture for their girlfriends. These guys can definitely double as world renowned photographers, but for now, their photo taking skills are reserved for the loves of their lives.

Take a look at these photos to see just how far a loving and devoted boyfriend will go to take a picture for his girlfriend’s Instagram account, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite photo!

1. This Boyfriend Needs to Brush up on His Picture Taking Skills. The Waves Should Be in the Background! Duh! Oh Well, He Gets an ‘A’ for Effort.

If you go to the beach, and don't get your bf to take a pic… Were you really even there??? #boyfriendsofinstagram #fitspo #beachbods

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