America’s 10 Craziest Politicians (Who Aren’t Already President)


Until 2017, most of the world believed that Italy had the market cornered when it came to politicians who’d gone completely around the bend. That might have been true when Silvio Berlusconi was running the show, but in 2017, the most insane political three-ring circus on Earth is headquartered in the United States Congress. Although, the Head Clown in Charge does have a very popular road show in the red states. On both sides of the aisle, sanity is quickly taking a back seat to fanaticism and bipartisan yammering. In that environment, it’s the crazy person who rises to the top. As it turns out, the United States of America is chock full of politicians at every level who waved goodbye to their mental faculties years ago. Here are some of the most extreme.

1. Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The recently pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio may not be in office anymore (getting convicted of criminal contempt will have that effect), but he still stands out as a certified looney. While in office, the most famous sheriff in the world is also a crazy monster. He made inmates live in heavy canvas tents that reached 145 degrees inside. Inmates were forced to wear old-fashioned striped prison clothes and pink underwear. And that’s just is on-the-job crazy.