7 Nasty Words That Make Women Cringe


Underwear company Knix Wear linked up with University of Pennsylvania linguist Mark Liberman in an attempt to find out which words make women the most uncomfortable. Together, they surveyed more than 500 ladies and, over a series of interviews and focus groups discovered the top seven nasty words that make women cringe. The survey was based on a phenomenon known as word aversion — a feeling of intense, irrational distaste for the sound or sight of a particular word or phrase. Click through below and let us know which word/s make you cower in distaste.

1. Panties

The word panties is harmless enough, as most people use it to describe women’s underwear. But, according to the survey panties is “icky” and women hate it when men use it as a “polite way” to describe their undergarments. Does hearing this word get your panties in a twist? Ha, ha.

Tarzhanova / shutterstock.com
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