13 Hilarious Internet Reactions To “Making A Murderer” That Will Help You Absorb the Injustice

Internet Is Coming

If you’ve just finished Netflix’s acclaimed documentary Making a Murderer you’re more than likely super pissed off. Pretty much everyone who’s sat through the scathing ten-hour exercise in bureaucratic ineptitude is likely fuming at the prospect of poor Steven Avery sitting in a penitentiary thanks to a bunch of jerks who were simply trying to cover their butts. Thankfully, the Internet is here with an all-out assault of laughs to help you giggle through the tears.

1. Poor Manitowoc

As the documentary’s setting, the rural Wisconsin county of Manitowoc (and, by extension the neighboring Calumet County) doesn’t come off as super great. Not only is it the site of Steven Avery’s terrible case, it’s also painted in less than flattering hues by the documentarians.

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