Kids Overhearing Parents’ Conversations

Kids Overhearing Parents' Conversations

As children we all look up to our parents as pillars of strength.
It’s kinda their job. So not surprising there’s a whole lot of secrets they keep from us…

“I overheard my dad flirting with my friend while he thought I was upstairs changing…”

“My boyfriend has a uni-brow. It never bothered me until I overheard my dad telling my aunt about it.”

“I just overheard my dad call me ugly.”

“I overheard my parents talking about how I’m still single and they don’t think I’ll be getting married anytime soon. That kinda sucked.”

“I overheard my mum talking about how she wonders what her life would have been like if she had aborted me like she had planned.”

“I just overheard my dad say to my sister that my mom and I are the biggest problems to have ever breathed.”

“One time I overheard my mom talking to her boyfriend about how much they don’t like me around and how I’m going to ruin their family.”

“I overheard my dad talking to my mom on the phone how he wishes she was tight.”

“I overheard my parents discussing getting me a body pillow for christmas. My relationship status has hit a new low.”

“I just overheard my parents doing you-know-what… I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again.”

“I’m a 15 year old male, transitioned to female. My parents were really supportive about my gender change until I overheard them saying: I miss our son. Why did he have to do this to himself, I can’t look at him the same anymore.”

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