10 FUNNIEST Gordon Ramsay Pranks

10 FUNNIEST Gordon Ramsay Pranks

Gordon Ramsay is known for his masterful approach to modern cuisine, and his explosive temperament. However, Ramsay also has a truly wicked sense of humor. For over a decade, Gordon Ramsay’s pranks have helped relieve the tension in his kitchen and punish those who would ruin his recipes. Bon appetite!

1. Full Disguise
For his show The F Word, Ramsay went undercover to get dirt on a former student. Ramsay had no problem fooling the woman, and even managed to get an honest answer about how she felt about Ramsay himself.

2. Hard Luck Gordon
At Ramsay’s Las Vegas restaurant, Ramsay went undercover once again to harass a former winner of his show Hell’s Kitchen. In addition to wasting valuable ingredients, he set about eating guests’ food and other hijinks.

3. The Tidal Wave of Insults
Those people unfamiliar with the concept of a comedy roast got a hard lesson when they stepped up to the billboard in one public venue, to look more closely.

4. Gordon’s Reputation
At a shopping mall, some impressionable shoppers got an unexpected surprise when Ramsay set up a cardboard cutout of himself next to a tray of jellied eels, a dish that … well, it’s awful.

5. Upsetting Delia
Delia Smith and Ramsay have had something of an icy relationship, so Ramsay signed up for one of her cooking classes. When the reveal finally came, Delia didn’t find it very funny.

6. Wax Statue
Gordon Ramsay stopped by Madame Tussaud’s wax museum stepping in line next to Posh Spice and her soccer player husband, only breaking character to startle those visitors who stopped to examine the museum’s most lifelike figure.

7. Kitchen Safety
The audience thought they were getting an expert demonstration on how to make a banana smoothie. Until this happened.
Good one Gordon.

8. Worst Wine Tasting Ever
When Cliff Richard appeared on The F Word, Ramsay fed him a wine that the celebrity declared to be “insipid.” The joke was on Richards, however… Whoops.

9. Undercover Focus Group
Ramsay went undercover inside one of his own focus groups to find out what the average person thinks of him. The most impressive thing was that he managed to get through it without crying.

10. Vengeance Is … Theirs
British show hosts Ant and Dec Disguised themselves as handy men, and set about disrupting Ramsay’s broadcast by making as much noise as possible. For his part, Ramsay took everything in stride.

Which of Gordon Ramsay’s pranks did you think was the funniest?
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