10 Amazing & Unusual People Around The World

10 Amazing & Unusual People Around The World

It takes all kinds of people to make a world. Not strange then that among us walk some highly unusual human-beings!

1.Bee Melvnin
An aspiring model from Gambia recently rose to internet fame because of her striking features. Despite being called a “real-life Storm” and possibly the most beautiful woman ever, others have accused her of being a Caucasian with black make-up.

2. Sonia Leslie
With more than 50,000 followers on Instagram, Sonia’s unusual occular birthmark has attracted much attention. The mark around her right iris makes it look a lot bigger than the other, something the beauty enthusiast is really fed up with, commenting: “Please stop asking. First of all it’s rude as f*, secondly mind ya business.”

3. Evita Delmundo
Ever since she was a child, Evita was bullied for the abnormal amount of moles covering her body. Despite the bullying, she didn’t let her appearance get her down and now at the age of 20 has more instagram followers than she has moles. All inspired by her self-confidence. In fact Evita is now fulfilling one of her childhood dreams, and could well be the next Miss Universe!

4. Cassandra Naud
Cassandra was born with a large birthmark under her left eye, and although she begged for an operation to remove it in her youth, she now refuses to get rid of it, saying that it even helps her stand out as a professional dancer. The Canada-based 22 year-old was even told by her agent to Photoshop the hairy mole out of her headshots, but Cassandra is proud of her uniqueness.

5. Hairfreaky Longhair
Hairfreaky Longhair’s claim to fame is… Yes, you guessed it, freakishly long hair. He says that the hard part of having such longs locks, is not washing it, but drying it. He has to just sit around for hours as he doesn’t dare use a hairdryer.

6. Yvesmark Chery
Brooklyn born fashion model Yvesmark has vitiligo, a disease that causes the loss of skin color in blotches. Nonetheless, this has not stopped him from becoming a successful model who’s fun-loving personality is even more striking than his skin condition.

7. Masha Tyelna
The 21 year old Ukrainian model is famous for her beautifully large eyes. When Masha was 16, whilst shopping with her family in Kiev she was spotted by a modeling agency and quickly accepted to do a photoshoot. She quickly turned from an ordinary school girl into a top model, participating in Paris fashion week and working with brands like Givenchi, Yves Saint Laurent, and Nina Ricci.

8. Aliia Nasyrova
Inspired in part by the hair of fairytale characters, 27-year-old Nasyrova has been growing her hair for over 20 years. “My hair is so heavy, I would compare it to the weight of my cat,” said the Russia-native who copes with the constant attack of internet trolls thanks to the support of her husband.

9. Marika Nagy
Marika has Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, an extremely rare skin condition that affects just one percent of infants worldwide and had to undergo seven skin removal surgeries just to survive past birth. Despite years of bullying in school, Marika is now a model, Instagrammer and young mother and thanks her baby boy for her newly found confidence.

10. Khoudia Diop
Khoudia is a 20-year-old Senegalese model who was once bullied because of her looks, but has now landed a career as a model and Instagram celebrity. As a result, she’s taking the Internet by storm and inspiring others to accept and love themselves.

Which of these people did you find the most unusual?

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