10 HILARIOUS Gordon Ramsay pranks

gordon ramsay

Around the world, Gordon Ramsay is largely known for two defining traits. The first is his masterful approach to modern cuisine, a talent he’s put to exquisite use in the kitchen of his restaurant for years. The second thing that Ramsay is known for is his explosive temperament — the renowned chef doesn’t hesitate to unleash a torrent of extremely specific (and expletive-laden) critiques on those who would dare make a mistake in his kitchen. However, there’s more to the famous chef than his food and being freaking terrifying. Ramsay also has a truly wicked sense of humor. For over a decade, Gordon Ramsay’s pranks have helped relieve the tension in his kitchen and punish those who would ruin one of the chef’s recipes. Here are some of his best.


1. The Time He Went Full Disguise

Earlier this year, for his show The F Word, Ramsay went undercover to get dirt on a former student. In it, the chef was disguised to look like an entirely different person so he could infiltrate the kitchen of a former pupil. Ramsay had no problem fooling the woman, and even managed to get an honest (but boringly polite) answer about how she felt about Ramsay himself. She said things were fine as long as you were perfect.